What do people say
about Master Morya?

“In trying to write something down, a deep gratitude wells up inside. Master Morya,  the workbook ( my practical friend) , the fortnightly, inspiring and stimulating gatherings, all of these have made a real difference in my life. A new kind of inner confidence has come into being, telling me that ‘to grow’ is tangibly accessible. It has brought me towards the essence of what ‘to live’ really is. I am witness to my inner change and I can see the wood for the trees again, as it were.” (A.L.)

“I find Master Morya’s energy so loving and soft. When I read the books, one just feels his love, amazing!” (Mia)

“I myself, often experience Master Morya’s energy  as full of humour. The energy that is there during the meetings – towards one another – is always very respectful and after such a gathering I always feel uplifted.” (Anja)

“For me, those Master Morya evenings in the little work group, and the preparations for it, are always a real blessing! It’s as if, through those evenings, everything I ever learnt in my life just falls into place. Being in a group is very motivating and inspiring and the workbook is just amazing. Master Morya really sends you into situations  on your path that closely fit in with the chapter you just dealt with in the work group.  When things are tough because of circumstances and working with the textbook is not feasible, then it’s enough to just take the book along with you and Master’s Morya’s gentle love and wisdom continues to work. Yes, I sometimes sound like a teenager in love when I talk about that workbook / Master Morya!” (Arlette)

“Thanks to Master Morya I now have a very different outlook (more grateful) on the regular things in life. A little bird passing by will conjure up a smile on my face. A lovely cloud in the sky can amaze me,… I am very happy that Master Morya has come into my heart.” (E.D.) 

“I have known the books and messages of my beloved Master for quite some time now. My first personal message, over ten years ago, touched me so very deeply at the time. Finally, after such a long search, to find someone who understands me on that deep level…

I read some of the books all the way through, but very often I just read bits and pieces in most of them, since I’m a working mother of three and there is not much time to read! It’s simple and so pure, but all in all there is so much wisdom packed inside; there is no need to read a lot at once. It gives me direction, it shapes me, a little at a time. It teaches me with lots of love where I can do better, and in equal amounts it encourages and reassures me. No wonder I see Master Morya as a real coach for me!
Also the full moon messages are really apt. They give solutions and bring clarity in everyday difficulties and problems. No grand theories, no heavy philosophies, on the contrary. Every single sentence is a real invitation, a gentle encouragement and a loving support to be just that Beautiful Human Being that we really want to be deep inside. I’m really very grateful that Morya can be so close to me in that way.” (Joke)

More testimonies will be added in due course.
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