citaat Meester Morya

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How can I participate?

Master Morya in your own life

The best way to participate is to involve Master Morya in your own life. Take him into your heart and try to live your life in a good way. Do good things, not just for yourself but for others as well. Try to become more conscious and awaken the love in your heart.   Learn how to be yourself in your own unique way.

If you request our newsletter, you’ll receive a beautiful meditation text every month, chosen for the occasion of the full moon.

You can also stay in contact through facebook. By purchasing books or other items from you will also be supporting   

Sharing with others

If you feel you want to do more, then you can also tell others about the existence of Master Morya and his loving work for humanity. The easiest way to do this is to forward them to facebook posts and/or our newsletter.  In this way they can read and judge for themselves, and experience if what is there brings them hope, strength and comfort.

Our newsletter is available in English, German, Polish, and Dutch, so if you have friends who speak any one of these languages you can also refer it to them. This would be a great help for Master Morya’s work. 

By bringing someone into contact with Master Morya, you are offering them the chance to get to know themselves better and to become themselves in a better way. Introduce them to Master Morya….but don’t force it upon them!


If you decide you would still like to do more and if English is your native language or you have another native language and a good knowledge of English, or if you have interesting contacts with bookshops or distributors, or if you think there is something else you could do, we would be happy to hear from you.

Financial aid to Mayil nonprofit organisation is also always very welcome (read more under 'Donations')

Most of the work is done on a voluntary basis. Keep in mind, though, that you will gain at least as much from what you do as the efforts you put into it.  While you work with Master Morya’s books and words, He is in turn working with you, changing the situations in your life for the better. It’s our experience that many people who start with some voluntary work for Master Morya see drastic and positive changes taking place in their lives within a few months time. Most often their lives and happiness improve amazingly. If after a while they feel that they would rather not continue to work for Master Morya, then their lives take a different turn and this is fine.  Working for Master Morya is an opportunity, not a necessity. However, we are very grateful to those few people who, in such a nice way, have continued with their work for several years at a stretch.  

Should you wish to work in cooperation with us, please feel free to drop us an email at  marie"at" . We’ll be happy to have you on board and discuss the different possibilities with you.