Lectures / Workshops

Every now and again Marie (Geert's daughter) gives lectures, courses and workshops around the world (mostly on invitation). The subject matter of these lectures and workshops can differ widely, as wide as the array of subjects in Master Morya’s books, and is often directed by questions from the audience. However, the major theme of every lecture always comes down to how to be more yourself, how to go beyond emotions, thoughts, doubts and confusions, and how to live with your heart and soul.
Hearing real life experiences and explanations makes the whole of MM’s ‘theory’ very logical and most helpful for your own life. 

Marie is a compelling speaker, with fiery enthusiasm, heartfelt simplicity of words and a loving connection to her audience.

If you would like to research and explore more deeply into Master Morya’s wisdom, together with your friends and acquaintances, please do invite us; you never know what can be arranged! 

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If for some reason this contact form is out of order, feel free to contact us by mail:marie(a)morya.org (replace (a) by @). We love to hear from you!


Other Mayil activities

Mayil nonprofit organization organizes a host of activities, some only locally but others also internationally:


Lectures and workshops about Master Morya’s wisdom and books. Just as Geert did, Marie also prefers to respond to the audience, so subjects can vary widely, ranging from discussing a newly released book to answering general questions, practicing an exercise or leading a small meditation (as you could read above).

Morya groups: Whenever a new Morya group is formed, Marie will usually attend one or more of the first meetings in order to give an introduction and get the group going, especially if the group is working around the ‘Morya Workbook’ (not yet available in English).

Meditation in group: Local activities by Lydia; she has been organizing courses on meditation and open meditation evenings for over 30 years.


Courses "Telepathy and Intuitive Development" (www.down-and-feathers.net): Master Morya (through Geert) helped Marie to work out this course. Students learn a technique that can be used to communicate with the soul of a person, animal, plant, etc. There are also exercises for intuition, the heart, the emotions, the mind, the will, etc.  

Bhajans (www.hetleven.be): Local activities by Marie and Laura. Every few weeks, on Thursday evenings, we sing bhajans in our home. These are Indian devotional songs of which the lyrics are mantras. One person takes the lead and others echo. These songs can be meditative or also enthusiastically fiery. Singing in this playful and simple manner brings you closer to your heart and to the Divine within you.

Spiritual family constellations (www.hetleven.be): Local activities by Lydia, who has been working successfully with family constellations for many years. Master Morya also refers to this ‘technique of love’ in his books. A family constellation is an instrument to gain insight in the unconscious movements of karma and entanglements in your life and family system, and it also provides solutions. It is full of love and respect for every human being.


Morya Gatherings: Usually when a new Morya book is published, one or more gatherings are organised, with a lecture by Marie about the new book, small group meditations, questions and answers, etc.

Internationally: Master Morya has long since promised that his work would become international. The first steps have already been taken, with several books now available in English and Polish. Geert made two trips to Poland (June 2011 and May 2012) and, continuing this tradition, Marie traveled to the UK in June 2012 and to Poland in June 2013, hoping to bring Master Morya’s beautiful books to the attention of a wider audience.

Poland has a relatively large group of people responding very enthusiastically to the books and newsletter. In 2011 Master Morya predicted that his mission would spread around the world through Poland.

We usually organize lectures as well as deepening workshops and courses.


And more... According to the moment, the season or the year, some unique activities are sometimes organised, always in some way connected with Master Morya's wisdom. Please read our monthly newsletters to stay informed!