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The millions of words Master Morya gave to the world, telepathically through Geert, are an incredible treasure of wisdom and insight, meant for YOU.

If you are looking to live a more conscious life, a deeper life, a more joyful existence, if you know that there must be more to life than what the world shows you, then you’ve come to the right place.

Delve into the texts of Master Morya, try the exercises and meditations, and you’ll see: your life will change. You’ll become calmer, stronger and more confident, and gradually you will be able to mean more to those around you.

More than 42 books in the pipeline

It all started in 1985, when Master Morya contacted Geert and Lydia Crevits. Nobody suspected then that Geert would give many tens of thousands of personal messages from Master Morya to countless people in Belgium, the Netherlands and beyond, or that no less than 42 courses would be created, all of which will one day appear as books and be published in several languages.

.....to help you find joy in life

With his work for Master Morya, Geert wanted above all to touch people at their deepest spiritual core, to help them reclaim the courage and joy they may have lost, and to allow them to feel the love that the Divine has for every human being and all living beings, the self-same love that Geert himself discovered in his youth. He also wanted to share his own deep connection with Master Morya with everyone.

Together with a handful of volunteers and a lot of sympathizers, we – Lydia, his wife, and daughter, Marie – are continuing this mission.

Mayil publications

Geert and Lydia Geert and Marie at a fair

Mayil is a non-profit organization

"Mayil Publishing House" has been publishing Master Morya's material since 1995. In early 2012, the publishing house officially became a non-profit organization. On Mayil.com you will find a wide selection of Morya books, meditation books, CDs and other audio, card sets, workbooks, a Spiritual Diary and more.

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