Five ways to discover the wisdom of Master Morya, to get to know it more deeply and start applying it in your own life.


Get acquainted with a number of principles that repeatedly appear in Master Morya’s texts. This is a good introduction to Morya’s vision of people and the world.

  • 1. True spirituality is: living with values
  • 2. Try to be yourself
  • 3. The silence moves you forward
  • 4. A person is at home in different worlds
  • 5. Death is not the end
  • 6. Let the other be themselves
  • 7. Helping others move forward
  • 8. The Earth will not perish
  • 9. You are never alone

Question & answer

Many fascinating texts by Master Morya on all kinds of subjects:

  • Personal development
  • Body & Mind
  • The future & The New Era
  • Money
  • Love & relationships
  • Family
  • Spirituality, meditation
  • Life & death


Choose a number, or let fate choose for you. In this way you‘ll receive personalized advice for your own meditation or Master Morya will give you a new kind of meditation practice to try out or to begin with.


Check out the varied videos with lectures by Marie Crevits on the wisdom of Master Morya. Don’t miss the interview with Geert from 1999.

Full moon letters

Every month Mayil vzw sends out a newsletter with a special text by Master Morya. It's a treasure trove of support, insight and wisdom you can consult at random—fate will guide you to just the right text for you at the moment!