As way of introduction, below you will find a selection of nine themes and basic principles that you can continuously discover in the texts and books of Master Morya. They show part of his vision of the world and humanity. You can read many other aspects of how Master Morya looks at things, for example in the themes under 'Question & answer'.

  • 1. True spirituality is: living with values
  • 2. Try to be yourself
  • 3. The silence moves you forward
  • 4. A person is at home in different worlds
  • 5. Death is not the end
  • 6. Let the other be themselves
  • 7. Helping others move forward
  • 8. The Earth will not perish
  • 9. You are never alone

1. True spirituality is: living with values

If you dare to live with values you will go forward. Every value – love, patience, peace, gentleness and all the great values of existence – can be learned in your life. If you learn to live with these values you will go forward because you will be building yourself up, and then a joy will come to you. It is by living with values that you give value to life. (...)

You should know that much on this earth is accomplished by people who dare to live. Dare to live with great values, with great purpose, and know that you will be supported and guided.

This is the way to move forward: to look and keep looking for the values ​​that suit you. So that you know: 'this is what I want to achieve in my life, this has value for me and this is how I want to progress.' ”

Geert Crevits - Source: “Morya Bezinning” book 4: "Searching and finding", from chapter 4: ‘Transforming your thinking’ ©

2. Try to be yourself

If you can be yourself under all kinds of circumstances, you will find it much easier to get along with people. This is because many causes of why you may find it difficult to deal with people simply lie within yourself.

It might be that you don’t know yourself well enough because you go about with things too superficially, not deeply enough, and therefore cannot deal with things reasonably.

You need to deal reasonably with everything, to try to maintain harmony even, for example, when dealing with people who may be very annoying or are very tired, who no longer know which way to turn, who are coping with problems, who are ill or overstressed from their work. These are all examples of situations people may be experiencing and you should be able to distance yourself from their problems and just be yourself.”

Geert Crevits - Source: “Morya Wisdom 4: Trust in yourself” from chapter 1: ‘Transcending your doubts’ ©

3. The silence moves you forward

It would be good to take just five minutes, four times a day – morning, noon, afternoon and evening – to think about yourself, about your life and what you could do to develop important ideas, how you could give form to certain expectations you have of life within these ideas. If you can do this – this is very practical and I would ask you to give it a try – if you succeed in doing this then you will have taken a step forward in life, a giant step forward.”

Geert Crevits - Source: “Morya Wisdom 2: Simplicity” from chapter 5: ‘Side by side with the Master’ ©

4. A person is at home in different worlds

Mostly people think there is only one world, the material world wherein they function and live their lives; and the world of thoughts is then not a world, or so they whethink. But it’s also a real world, as real as the material world, and the emotional world is also as real a world as the material world. (…) The Earth’s structure is very lumbersome and very slow. In the emotional world the structure is much finer and regulated in a different way, giving it a certain stability but making it more easily degradable and more variable; feelings are not as stable as matter. The world of thoughts has a totally other kind of power, one that is structured in such a way so as to make it amenable to the mind, allowing it to add, substract, compare and make other calculations it isn’t able of doing in the emotional world.”

Geert Crevits - Source: “Morya Wisdom 2: Simplicity” from chapter 11: ‘The sun’s energy within matter’ ©

5. Death is not the end

It is useless to be afraid of death. Death is a transition. Death is just like climbing a ladder, you take a step up and find yourself on another rung. It goes from here to there. It is an upward step from one place to another. It is a threshold you cross, nothing more than that. It’s nothing to lose sleep over. In fact, every time you fall asleep you are acquainted with death, because it’s the same thing.

There is very much love in everything, also in death. Death opens up what people would like to keep closed. If someone keeps shutting himself up in his ideas, death will come on his way to open him up and lead him further along. If someone shuts himself up in a rigidity, a hard­ness, a hate, in a lovelessness, in the darkness, in what­ever, then it will be death that breaks him open and lets light enter into his existence. But the human being can’t see this, and he doesn’t have to see it, he will discover it, he will experience it. In this way there is much darkness in life that breaks a person open and brings him to the light.”

Geert Crevits - Source: “Morya Wisdom 4: Trust in yourself” from chapter 2: ‘Prayer’ ©

6. Let the other be themselves

You must also awaken yourself and shouldn’t bother about whether someone else is awake or not. If the other is not awake then you mustn’t wake him because he will surely not appreciate your doing so.

If the other recognizes you as someone who is awake, he will begin to ask himself questions and also try to become someone who is awake; this is the way the intelligence of the world takes great forward strides. Because wakefulness uses the power of intelligence. A great deal of intelligence is involved with all circumstances of existence, however this source of intelligence is not sufficiently being tapped. If school children were awake they would be able to deal with things intelligently. Often they can’t awaken because what is offered them is boring and sleep inducing. If an awakened individual were to stand before them they would also be able to awaken themselves. But they shouldn’t be woken up. They will awaken when someone who is awake stands before them.”

Geert Crevits - Source: “Morya Wisdom 2: Simplicity” from chapter 12: ‘Manual for turning your house into a treasure house’ ©

7. Helping others move forward

Make no mistake about it, because when you help another you are forming your own life. Not the other’s life but your own life. It is only by your involvement with others that you can bring your own life to expression.

When you help build another’s life, you are building on your own life; if you destroy someone’s life, you are destroying your own life. Life is like that, it is one. Real life is one. Real happiness is one. If you help in making happiness for another, you are making your own happiness. In this way you can know what life is. Life doesn’t distinguish between one and another. To life everyone is equal. The more you help another build his life, while at the same time letting him be free, but reinforcing those things in him that come from the Divine, the more you build in this way, the more you strengthen and develop yourself. There is no other way.

8. The Earth will not perish

This point in time is sometimes called ‘The Time’ because this is such a special time on Earth. At this time it is possible to understand much more than has ever been possible before. This does not mean that there have never been people that have understood more than most people do now. No. It means that this is an age when the understanding between the great trains of thought, the ideas that have crossed over and fertilized one another, are such that a kind of stability is taking shape on a very large scale and at a high level.

Though not yet visible, we are nevertheless approaching a time of calm, but only after a moment of great upheaval. For the greatest changes on this Earth have yet to come, even though in spirit they have been long in preparation and are actually already over.

There is a kind of whirlwind of energy that is going to pull people in all kinds of directions, from one way of thinking to another. This will cause confusion because one person will say this and another will say that and different ways of thinking will increase. So you should prepare yourself for the fact that you will be confronted with contradictions – not only contradictions but so many different ideas in the coming twenty years that mentally it will be nearly unbearable.”

Geert Crevits - Source: “Morya Wisdom 1: A deeper sense of life” from chapter 2: ‘Changes here on Earth’ ©

9. You are never alone

People who seek spirituality, who seek the greater things in life, are guided. People who are ready to take up spirituality (…) are immediately sent a guardian angel to stand by them and lead them to the true values in life.”

Geert Crevits - Source: “Morya Wijsheid 5: Het woord in de stilte” (Words in the silence) from chapter 11: ‘The freedom of the children of God’ ©

Every energy you use, every effort you make will carry its own reward. You must never be afraid to use energy. By this I mean you must draw from the energy within yourself to go forward. Whenever you do this, you will feel that you are being supported.

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