Start your own group

Because this is a new age of joining together with others, opportunities should be created for this. Hence, there should be persons who can create opportunities for people to come together based on renewal and silence and force."

(Morya Kracht book 4, chapter 2)

I would like that, every now and then, you would try to meditate together with others. You don't have to exaggerate, once in a while is enough. Try, at that time, to open yourself for the being of your own soul."

(Morya Wijsheid book 8, chapter 11)

New groups are always welcome!

If you feel called to start a group of your own, go for it. Definitely do it! The fact that you will be creating an opportunity for people to meet one another is of huge significance for the New Age. We encourage every new initiative. Most groups are very small-scale—according to Master Morya you can have a group with as few as 2 people! So all you need is a living room.

Take time to read the page about Master Morya’s advice about groups all the way through as well as the practical tips, so as to get to know more about the atmosphere and openness that Master Morya has in mind for His groups.

Are you interested? Let us know about your initiative and we will be happy to help you on your way. You will get a mention on the page about groups and in the next Mayil newsletter.

You must have confidence in yourself, but not in such a way that you give all of yourself to others. So you must be careful, but daring at the same time. You need to find a balance. You have to know what it is you really want, that's what it's all about. When you begin with a spiritual activity, be it prayer or meditation, you have to know if this is really what you want, otherwise you shouldn't start with it. It must come from your heart, knowing that this is what you really want and being sure that you want to go down an important path, otherwise you shouldn't do it.

If you meditate now, you can consciously direct yourself to your inner strength, the inner guidance, and ask it to help you."

(Morya Wijsheid book 5, chapter 7)

Whenever you come together to meditate, you will receive My blessing. Know that I will be present there with you, and shall guide you. But do it only if it suits you. It makes no sense to force things, this you must never do. To be sure, you are being invited to do this, but see it as an invitation free of engagement. It's an invitation that, as it were, stays valid for the rest of your life. It has no time limit. You can accept the invitation when you are free. And when you do this together, I will be there with you."

(Morya Wijsheid book 8, chapter 11)