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New in Question & answer:
Six questions around war

Questions in this post:

* Which side should we choose?
* Why does war always fail?
* Why is such a mess being made of the earth?
* And what about those who perish?
* Does it help to pray for people in war? And how should I do this?
* All these wars, should they really concern me?

Master Morya about Himself

"Some of you will recognize the deepness of life as a conscious energy without seeing a person or something personal therein. Others will see this deepness as something personal. It really doesn’t make much difference because the divine consciousness is active in each of these elements.

What I want to say is that on the way to the Divine you will meet Me as a guiding figure. I have always been such a figure on this Earth and will always be a guiding figure. It is My job to help people."

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Mayil eNews - July and August 2024

Dearest eNews reader,
These days there's no lack of stresses and work overloads. I see this not only in the lives of so many of the people around me but also in my own life. So much chaos in the world, so many people facing problems and issues on their personal paths, so many challenges about which Master Morya has been talking for decades are becoming ever more apparent and, indeed, as He so often says, silence is the answer. Not everywhere and all the time, not going off to live in a cave or on an island, but (...)

Meditation for the full moons of 21st July and 19th August 2024:

Master Morya,

"The reality of this earth is being given a new beginning and a new hallmark. So many things will emerge, and this will make people start asking themselves many questions, but there will always be an inner guidance. So don’t panic. As far as your own life is concerned, however, you should remain calm. (…)
When you are able to find time to be silent, when you can take a little time off from the pressures of your work, then it’s important that you take advantage of the opportunity. ......

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