How to participate

The best thing you can do to participate is to involve Master Morya in your own life. Take Him into your heart and try to develop your life in a good way.

Do good things, not only for yourself but also for others. Try to deal with things consciously and bring love into your heart. Learn what it's like to be yourself in your own unique way.

Master Morya in your own life

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Share with others

Forward the Mayil newsletter

If you want to do more, you can also inform others about the existence of Master Morya and his loving work for humanity. The easiest way to do this is to forward the newsletter to them, so that they too have the chance to read the reflective text and feel whether it appeals to them and could perhaps give them courage, hope and insight.

Share Morya quotes on your social media platforms

Pick out great quotes (for example, from the Online Advice or Life Lessons on and share them on your social media platforms so more people can get to know Master Morya. Be sure to source them so that new people can find our websites.

About sharing quotes

Making international contacts

Our newsletter is not only in English, but also in Dutch, Polish and German, so you can also refer it to friends who speak these languages, and this would certainly be a great help for Master Morya's work.

Let everyone be free!

When you introduce someone to Master Morya, you are giving the other person a chance to learn to know themselves better and be themselves better. You can always tell the other person about Master Morya, but never force it on them!


Be of service as a volunteer

Do you love Master Morya and would like to do more? That's great!

At the moment we are mainly looking for

  • people with language skills who would like to translate or proofread translations
  • people who are good at working with html and similar programs and would like to help with the layout of new website pages and the like.
  • people who would like to add translated subtitles to our YouTube videos (we take care of the subtitles)

Voluntary and non-committal

Most of the work is done on a voluntary basis. It’s important to realize that you gain at least as much from what you do as what you invest in it. As you work with Master Morya's books and words, He in turn works with you, changing your life for the better.

It’s been our experience that many people who start doing some kind of volunteer work for Master Morya, within a few months time find their lives drastically changing for the better. Good things come their way, they become happier and enter a new existence, and after a while usually no longer feel the need or wish to continue working for Master Morya. Their lives have taken a new turn, and that’s just the way it is. Working for Master Morya is an opportunity, not an obligation! Still, there are some peole who have continued their work for years in a beautiful and good way, and we are certainly very grateful for that!

Get in touch with us

If you feel called to do some volunteer work with us and offer something beautiful to the world, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We look forward to getting to know you!