Early childhood and youth

Because he was born on a Sunday, Geert’s mother considers him to be a lucky child. This is on the evening of February 20, 1944, in a village not far from the Belgian coast. It's also around this time that his paternal grandmother comes to live with them. Geert loves Granny Lucie very much and he is also her favourite. He's perfectly happy for these first years of his life, filled as they are with family activities and time spent outdoors in the surrounding nature and in the neighbourhood.


In his first year of kindergarten Sister Rosa speaks about Jesus, and the remembrance of this will never leave him. As for the rest, Geert finds the kindergarten classes boring, almost nightmarish. He finds it painful to see how a child is punished if they do not sit still or are caught talking.


In primary school he doesn’t give much attention to his studies. On his sixth grade report his teacher writes: “Geert seems to think: leave me alone, I'm leaving you alone too.”

After seventh grade, his mother sends him to secondary school in Torhout, and for the next six years he goes there every day by bicycle.


Geert talks everything over with Jesus, his inner friend.

But concerning practical things, what to study, and so on, it is his mother who decides. Her wish is that he attend teacher’s training college and by the time Geert is twenty he is a qualified teacher.

His piano teacher wants him to continue his music studies, his drawing teacher urges him to attend art school, the psychology teacher regrets he doesn’t want to take up his profession, the director offers him a position in the teacher’s training college and his Mum actually finds him a girlfriend—but he wants none of it.

Geert Geert's room at home

Geert wants nothing more than to be left alone to concentrate on God—nothing more and nothing less. But his world is so small, where can he go? A monastery perhaps, although he has never even visited one? However, his dear mother firmly vetoes this idea, accompanied with a flow of tears. His parents finally suggest he enter the seminary in Brugge to become a priest, on the condition he stops if he doesn’t feel happy there.


The seminar affords Geert the opportunity to live an almost timeless life. He completely immerses himself in meditation and concentration exercises, self-study and prayer. At times, he spontaneously enters a blissful inner silence almost from the very first seconds, which makes him even more determined to search for the how’s and why’s of those inner states.

Later he experiences a succession of so-called mystical experiences, in which his hearts melts into God. In these early years he has no words for this, but later he would, and would also write about it.

Yet Geert stands alone amid an endless sea of questions, no real spiritual Master in sight. He suffers a great, almost irreversible fatigue.

But whenever the need is greatest, rescue is near, and this is also true for Geert.


In 1968 Geert is obligated to serve in the army, which he does as a chaplain in an elderly men’s nursing home. It is a kind of part-time job, with half days free for study. But there’s a flood in the area and soldiers are deployed to help the farmers harvest potatoes. For the first time Geert experiences what it’s like to be really hungry and to really sleep, as well as to sing outside while working. This will prove to be a health cure!

It’s now the summer of 1971, the final year of seminary. The ordinations are imminent, but afterwards one is also allowed to study further. Each seminarian can apply for two options and an authority then decides for them. Geert chooses only one subject of study, philosophy, but it is denied. Instead, he is posted to a small town in South-West Flanders and assigned, on his own, to take care of 120 boarding school children, and to teach religion and art history in a couple of elementary schools, as well as  carrying out guard duties.  All in all, not very engaging. But Geert continues to devour one book after another in search of wisdom from gods and people.

He photographs flowers and people surrounded by light. He writes a lot, paints and draws and travels a bit through Europe.

Geert fotograaf

In 1981, at age 37, Geert leaves the church and begins a new chapter of his life.

He meets Lydia and goes to live with her and her four children. They marry in the city hall of De Pinte, a small town near the city of Ghent, where they run a health food shop. Marie and Laura will be born here.

Geert en Lydia

Geert bouwt een zandbak met de hulp van de kinderen Geert builds a sandpit with the help of the children

Natuurvoedingswinkel De ArkHealth food shop 'De Ark' in De Pinte

In het park

Het gezin in 1988

From left to right: Geert and Lydia, Hermes, Marie, Beatrice, Sarah and Thomas

Marie en Laura Marie and Laura


First contact with Master Morya

In the fall of 1985 Geert has the first inner contact with Master Morya. These first years of  contact remain behind closed doors. Every night, Geert and Lydia write down a lot of study material, from Master Morya or sometimes also from other Masters. Besides this, they of course also do all the work it takes to keep the house running smoothly and to make ends meet.

Elewout centre

December 1991. The family moves to Bruges where they start with the ‘Elewout Centre’, named after the Angel who came to them in the eighties. In the "long room" they begin organizing some programmes that have a spiritual or universal leaning. During all these years, Geert prefers not to talk about Master Morya's teachings and messages.

Elewout centrum Elewout centre

De lange kamer The 'long room' in 1993

In April, 1993, Lydia goes to India, where Avatar Swami Premananda confirms that it’s truly Master Morya with whom they have contact. In 1994 Geert also goes to India and receives the same confirmation from a smiling Swami Premananda, who also says that it is good to continue this work.

met Swami Premananda in 2000 Photo from a later trip to Swami Premananda's Ashram in India - with little Laura

Telepathy as a service

Every two months, when drawing up an activity brochure, they consider doing something around Master Morya. In reply to their question of whether it would be good to organize an evening of ‘channeling’, Master Morya always replies: “No, you shouldn’t do that.” However, once when Lydia formulates the question differently and asks if they should announce an evening of ‘telepathy’, the reply comes as a bit of a shock: “Yes, I have been waiting a long time for that. But add—as a service.”

They are made aware of how important it is to clarify the quality of the contact between Geert and Master Morya, and how important it is to Him.

The evening programs around Master Morya begin, under the name ‘Telepathy as Service’. Geert starts with a short talk about how the contact originated, replies to any questions and then delivers a telepathically received ‘general message’ for the group. It's recorded on an audio cassette and written down by Vidya, who  helps out in the Elewout centre, and sent out by post.

After that everyone also receives a personal message. Soon the messages grow longer and longer. Each time, they are  typed out and sent out by post. With the evolution of technology, the practical side of getting a message also changes. Everyone receives their own cassette, after which comes the changeover to computer, cd/mp3 and so on. Those who transcribe their personal messages on paper, find themselves with pages and pages of invaluable information.



In Bruges at the back of the house; from left: Martine-Maria, who today is the third person of our non-profit organisation now that Geert is no longer there, and Vidya, who helped a lot in the Elewout Centre.
Then there is Geert's close Canadian friend David, with Laura on his lap. He himself had a very sound contact with the Mahavatar, Babaji.

Tens of thousands of messages

The story of his life with God and with the Masters will be related by Geert countless time, at every new group meeting. He will reply to many questions and give tens of thousands of personal messages, in public halls and privately. Programmes are organized in Belgium and the Netherlands (coordinated by Frederik), and during the final years, also in Poland.


Geert en FrederikGeert and good friend, Frederik

Courses "A deeper sense of life" and "Joy of life"

In 1994 Master Morya asks whether Geert would like to give a course, to be called ‘A deeper sense of life’. No sooner asked than done—even though at that moment Geert had no idea of what this might entail. It turns out to be three afternoons of telepathy in the presence of a group of people. What was to become the very first book is recorded in Geert’s amiable voice. In the course of the next 18 years, 42 similar public courses take place. In the Netherlands they are called “Joy of life”. It is Master Morya’s way of conveying a universal message for the people of today and also those of tomorrow.

Deelnemers aan een cursus LevensverdiepingParticipants to a course in the 90s

Workshop in Polen in 2011 Workshop in Poland in 2011

What makes Geert's contact with Master Morya so special?


In answer to questions about telepathy, Master Morya explains that contact with Him is possible through the unity that Geert has with his soul and higher consciousness. This self-realization enables him to come into union with Master Morya on a deep inner level and, from this shared state of consciousness, Master Morya can transmit His messages.

Mayil Publishing House

Books, websites, newsletters

In 1995 Lydia buys a computer and starts the Mayil Publishing House to self-publish the Morya material. The first "Deepening of Life 1: Acting Consciously" is published in Dutch as a book, followed by the first four smaller 'Reflection books'. In 1998 the first website is launched, as well as a first Morya course in the Netherlands (under the name "Joy of Life 1"). There are  nearly always daily lectures, telepathy evenings, consultations, programs and activities, and, in between all this, conversations on the phone and people seeking urgent advice.


tijdens een telefonisch consult

Books are sent to bookshops and private individuals. Translations are underway. Activity leaflets and newsletters are regularly sent by post. As interest in Geert's work grows, these mailings become more and more extensive. Fortunately, there are always willing  friends to help with the work, together with a lot of love.

Between 2000 and 2012, we  move house four times and feel every move is guided and perfect. There is no longer a center called Elewout, but of course the Angel is still always s there and Mayil’s work continues.

At the turn of the year 2001-2002, the first 'e-News' is sent out with a New Year's Blessing from Master Morya. From then on, a special "full moon message" from Master Morya is sent out monthly by email.

These are busy but exciting times.

'Morya days'

From 2007 onwards, Geert records the messages at home in advance and burns them on audio-CDs, so that for the first time there is time for personal contact with people during the programs. The former 'telepathy public evenings' are now 'Morya days', during which Geert delves more deeply into Master Morya's wise words and answers questions in a relaxed atmosphere. Geert has the talent to package deep, universal truths in surprising stories with the appropriate humour; the people invariably hang on to his every word. There are no longer any private consultations, but messages are still sent by post or via the internet.

Signeersessie met workshop in Arnhem


In the fall of 2006 Marie starts working full time for Mayil Publishing House and in the organization around the work of Master Morya. Besides dealing with public relations, she occupies herself with managing subscriptions and payments, sending books, cds and mp3's, organizing Morya days and handling all the computer side of things. She also brings a new energy to the websites, the books and new projects.  The translations into several languages are being coordinated and are getting underway as best they can.


Marie now usually takes Frederik's place, accompanying Geert when he goes out of town for “Morya Days.”  She is there at the reception and takes care of the distribution of the personal messages on CD, the sale of the books and the operation of the sound equipment. During the sometimes long car rides to and from home, where she and Geert alternately take the wheel, she enjoys her father’s company, humour and wisdom.

Tijdens een lezing Marie at the computer during a lecture, checking the audio quality and recording Master Morya's general message.

Beginning in 2008, in addition to the monthly newsletter in English, there is now also a newsletter in Polish. Within a few years the readership in Poland grows rapidly. Marie and Geert visit Poland twice (in 2011 and 2012), where several well-attended programs are organised. Many people there are thirsty for the hopeful insights and sustaining love of Master Morya.

In 2010-2011 Marie develops three oracle card sets with quotes from Master Morya's books. What started as a small idea turns into a major project. Who would have thought then that less than a year after publication these cards would have to replace Master Morya's personal messages?

een prototype van de kaartensets wordt uitgetest

Non-profit organisation with a future

In March, 2012, Geert, Lydia, Marie and Martine-Maria establish ‘vzw Mayil', an official non-profit organization to secure Master Morya’s mission for the far future.

Marie en Martine op een beursMarie and ‘Martine Maria’, as Master Morya calls her

During May and June of 2012, big plans are made for the autumn, which include a trip to England, a new concept of 'themed lectures' and new Morya courses.

Farewell to Geert

Geert will continue giving 'telepathy as a service' until June 14, 2012. The last message is for the sweet young girl, Sandra Vogels. At the end of May / beginning of June, Geert will travel to Poland. At the end of June he will give one last Morya Day in the Netherlands before the summer and the 'Growth Group' meetings that had been taking place for years will also be nicely completed for the time being.

De laatste bijeenkomst van de Groeigroep15th June 2012

In July of 2012 Geert feels really terrible. As the weeks pass he becomes seriously ill and on August 22 he is admitted to hospital. On September 6th he dies in the presence of Lydia and the youngest son. 

During his final moments here, with a blissful smile on his lips and eyes filled with ecstatic wonder, Geert gazed for minutes on end at ‘the other side’ and then gently and beautifully passed away.

Geert en Lydia

At the funeral family and friends spoke open-heartedly about what Geert meant to them.  You can read these first-hand accounts on the page ‘Words about Geert’. These testimonies give a good reflection of who Geert was and of his 68 years as a man amongst the people. 

Aandenken aan Geert CrevitsGeert Crevits 20/02/1944 - 6/9/2012
Memory of his golden heart and life full of wisdom


Today there are no more personal messages from Morya nor live courses, but the rest of the work is enthusiastically carried on by Marie, Lydia and a small group of translators and volunteers.

All the still unpublished courses are being published, one by one, and translated into different languages. Card sets, audio, workbooks and other special projects are also gradually being produced. At certain times of the year, Morya days, lectures and stands at fairs are also organized. The websites mayil.com and morya.org were totally renewed in 2022 and continue to be developed and expanded in Dutch, English, Polish, German and French.

A newsletter with an inspiring text by Master Morya continues to be sent by email every month, including a personal introduction by Lydia or Marie and news about workshops, lectures and other activities, new publications and more.

Lydia en Marie Lydia and Marie

Pop-up lezingen door Marie in 2019 Stand op een beurs Lezing rond het boek Thuis in je eigen leven Lezing in Polen in 2016

Master Morya is always here

Through the countless personal messages, Master Morya has clearly proved that He knows each individual person. He knows precisely what to say to give us what we need – whether that be comfort, strength or insight. Even today, Master Morya still continues to help all of us in different ways. Whenever you feel in need of help or advice, you can pray to Him, invite Him in your meditation and into your heart. Open one of His books and read a bit, or pick one of His cards online. Master Morya’s love and wisdom are always there, ready to guide and protect you. 

Meester Morya copyright Morya.org

Master Morya knows your heart and knows what it is you are searching for. If you want His help, you can ask Him to be with you and support you. His love will guide and protect you.

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