Words about Geert

... from family and friends

During the funeral ceremony on September 11th 2012 family members and good friends spoke about how they knew and experienced Geert. They are words of gratitude, of close involvement with Geert’s extraordinary life.

Geert Crevits


Geert originated from a family of photographers, and our family were in no way inferior on that level. From the countless pictures which mostly ended up in shoe boxes due to lack of time, we eventually selected about 50 from the last 30 years. They will be shown a few times here on the screen in front.

Those 30 years flew by, and in another way they didn't. Every day was an adventure, so full of life, of changes, of new things, that I do not even wish to try and describe them, and in the end it doesn't really matter.

So much work, so many people, the children, the joys and the daily problems, the travels to India, the many fond moments of understanding each other without words, 10 years of telepathy with the Masters after the children went to bed and when nobody knew yet about this work. And then of course little Laura, who is without a doubt Geert's soft spot. She was his little gem, his great darling; innumerable hours he spent looking after her and playing with her, sitting by her bed when she couldn't sleep, and making walks with her everywhere...

Laura communicates with a letter board. She is not with us at the moment, she typed these sentences about the departing of her daddy:
"I don't want to tell all that happened but it was very very beautiful so beautiful. When I come to the funeral I will want to console everyone and that is not up to me, but I do want to come to the coffee table. But if all the people know that I was always daddy's darling, I want that said in the ceremony with pictures."

"The moment of his death Geert showed me that he entered the Divine."

The essence of our lives was always living with the Divine. That was wat brought us together, the mysticism, and it is where it ended... The moment of his death Geert showed me that he entered the Divine.

Especially the last two months, we clearly felt that God, acting as a kind of omnipresent conductor, directed our lives until the smallest details. In retrospect, it has always been like this, but like for so many people, we didn't always realize. I can only be grateful for so much concern, for so much beauty as well.

Now I hand the floor to others, the children, some of the good old friends and Geert's younger sister. In between there are some pieces of songs, music Geert occasionally listened to the last few years and which he could enjoy. The mantras you heard just before were his favourite.



I met papa when I was a toddler. I was not an easy toddler. And later on I became a difficult adolescent. I even nearly ran away from home. But then it was papa who convinced me not to do it. With one short conversation. Without any threats, without pusing. He just looked me in the eyes and said a few telling words, straight from his heart. I didn’t run away.

This is just one of the many things I am so grateful for. I received so much. Love for the sea. Encouragement to do artistic things. Trust that everything always works out in the end. The example that you can follow your own road, room to follow my own road – save some small adjustments at the right moment.

And he worked so much. Mountains of work he shifted. To provide for a roof over our heads, our daily bread, seitan in the pan, vegetables in the garden. Together with mama he raised us, 6 children, super healthy. And he did more than just feed us. People came from far and wide to the first nature food shop in the area. I’m still proud of that.

And then there was the food for the mind. This was not so easy for me, in my adolescence. Getting to know the wide world, learn about rationalism and materialism at university, and at home a father who communicates telepathically with a Master and an Indian guru. How to make all of that compatible?

Of one thing I’m sure. Papa was one of the most honourable and modest people I have ever known. He wasn’t pushy, didn’t feel the need to convince anyone who didn’t want to be convinced. He only wanted to share with everyone who asked for it. And that were a lot of people.

"Papa was one of the most honourable and modest people I have ever known."

I often thought: I don’t ask enough. There is so much I would have liked to know. About him, about his life. About what his opinion was about this or that. But papa and I, we didn’t say much.

For a person who sent out so many wise words into the world, for a person who so enjoyed making jokes, even on his death bed, he really knew how to not talk. How to be silent.

Back in the days when I started being interested in his old record, I asked him which music he liked best. “The silence,” he said.

So it’s okay. Maybe there is no need for many words. I’m still learning, I get inspiration and insights just by looking at how papa lived. And how he died. “All is well,” he said. “Very very well.”

Thanks, papa. For everything.



Bless is the wife of Lydia’s brother. She narrated very beautifully about the time she arrived from Africa as a young black woman in Belgium; she was afraid not to be accepted, but in Geert’s family she was accepted with open arms. And now that Geert was the oldest man in her Belgian family, he was like a father for her. She gave many examples of how thoughtful Geert always was: Felicia, he said (Geert always called her Felicia, just like her old father in Africa used to do) Felicia wants more spicy food, Felicia likes to eat meat, Felicia is cold, Felicia is hot, always he would notice what she needed and personally see to it that it was solved, that’s how he was. (Noted down from memory, the rest of her speech escaped -L-)



Papa, I am so grateful to you. You are a perfect father who taught me so much, not only with your words and your wisdom, but also through your living example.
When I was small, papa always accepted my drawings with sincere surprise and gratefulness, no matter how simple they were. He used to spend every free moment to study the books of Alice Bailey and Blavatsky. Recently, papa told me how I would often bring him little drawings to use as bookmark, which he always saved carefully. “Papa, read a lot” I told him. The rest of the time he had a bunch of children with mama and a nature food shop. Despite the heaps of work, he somehow always found the time to make me feel wanted.

If I have a question or wanted attention, he was there for me. He replied to all of my countless questions with patience, honesty and expertise, and it stayed like that till the end. “Papa, what are the stars? How does the world function? Why are some people so different that us? Who is God?” The people who are used to papa’s lectures will know that no question was ever beyond him.

In the course of the years he tought me so much, amongst other things that a human being has seven bodies and is at home in seven worlds. And so I know that today we are only burying papa’s deceased physical body. His etherical body, emotional body and mental body have already dissolved in the last few days and their matter has returned to their respective worlds, just like the physical body will dissolve in the sand over the coming years and return as food for this world. But his soul is eternal and will never die, and that soul is now free.

Papa’s life was a life of selfless service in the years I knew him. Countless people came to him for advice and support, and thanks to the contact with Master Morya he could truly help each and every one of them. For so many people he has become indispensable, and yet we will have to miss his physical presence from now on.

"Papa’s life was a life of selfless service in the years I knew him."

But the work of raising consciousness in the people who belong with Master Morya continues, that is my solemn promise, for as long as I live. The 42 books papa dictated telepathically will be published one by one, to the best of my abilities, thanks to the perfectionism I inherited from mama and the perseverance I got from papa. The books will go round the world and lighten up many lives with their wisdom and simplicity.

Papa is not dead. His body spent the last few days of his life working very hard to take in all the light that passed through him during the whole of his life. All the things he experienced with his different bodies were absorbed in his soul, so that, at the moment of his death, his soul could take them along to the highest light and give everything back to God.

Even in his death, papa gave away everything he had. This is an exceptional grace which was clearly visible in his wonderfully radient face at the moment he left his body.
All those back aches are over now, all that being ill is over, and all those people coming for advice and help over and over again, every hour of the day. It was good and beautiful, but it seems it was enough. Now all that is left for papa is joy and the highest bliss, and his soul and our souls will remain in contact, I am certain of that and I will always be grateful for it.



Papa… Hermes speaking here. This is my last chance to talk to you as ‘you’ out loud, without people wondering what’s wrong with me.  For today is your funeral. When you met my mum for the first time, I was two and the fourth and youngest of a whole bunch of children. Before I very well realized (and before you did too?), you were living with a women and four children in a nice white house just behind the sea dunes. To be honest, I hardly remember any of it, but later you told me that my first word was ‘sea’.

A few months later we moved to De Pinte, where you made healthy macrobiotic meals for us. And a sound upbringing and a nice childhood. For my brother, a real knight, you made a sword and cardboard shield for carnival. I was a Red Indian and a broom was quickly transformed into a horse.

At night you read fairy tales to us and when I was a bit older, you told stories about the village you grew up in (your father’s car was the first in the village). Every now and then you dished up one or the other simple joke granpa used to tell you and now it was our turn to hear them. I always laughed about them, but I forgot them all.

Yes… if we really misbehaved, you sometimes lost your cool and we took a box on the ears. Apparently, I was told 20 years later, every one of them richly deserved!

Two more sisters came: Marie and Laura: and so all of us were a colourful bunch at home. To raise no less than six children! I think it’s not always a treat. Between us, we had all kinds of unpleasant tendencies such as: managing our rooms as a permanent dump, chronic underachieving at school, sneaking out of the house at night, talking back… those were our hobbies too. You called us to account for those muddles as far as possible. Yes, there were some serious arguments. Even though it could be quite fierce, thanks. And maybe not all was so awful and there were nice moments too.

When you, mama, Marie and Laura moved house this year for the 7th time, it didn’t go easy on you: your body was weakened a great deal.

You left the transplanting of the roses to the new garden to Marie and me for the largest part. I remember how, in the falling darkness, despite everything you helped digging a few holes to get the last rose bushes in the ground in time. The next day the Great Frost of February 2012 started, with impenetrable polder soil and great ice floes in the canals.

When spring came, we were happy to see how all of your roses, which are so beautiful and smell so good, made it and starting blooming again. All but one…



Papa, one of my earliest memories is you and I walking on the beach in Oostduinkerke and you teaching me how to whistle through my fingers. You were a crack at it and I wanted to learn how to do it. You made a drawing in the sand to explain how to keep my fingers and my tongue and before long I also managed. I should have asked you how to whistle without my fingers, because to the amazement of my six-year old son Josha, I still can’t manage that, unlike him.

Another image on the beach was finding mussles. You would break them open with a key and eat them, just like that, raw. Waw. To me, that seemed incredibly daring and brave.

A bit later you taught me my first pieces of piano and when years later I bought my first guitar, you gave me an old hi-fi amplifier to play on. After we connected all the cables in my room, you said, “All right, I hope you won’t end up in that unwholesome world of the Boccaccio and the other dancings now.” I laughed and explained that us little punk-rockers were really anti-dance, you seemed rather reassured. By the way, when later on I really was interested in visiting that legendary Boccaccio, they had long closed up, so it never came true.

Which perfectly links me to the following thought:
During my upbringing and the formation of my own individual personality, I exhibited what I consider a healthy amount of rebellion, and got into some mischief. According to you and Mum sometimes a bit beyond reasonableness, and yes, it was the cause of a number of heated discussions. But you often had a good solution to make me see sense. For example when I played ardent teenage anarchist, you advised me to read a decent book about it and not get stuck in slogan speech. Reasonable proposition, I thought. And well, because of that reading, I finally understood and shared your reservations about them.

"You often had a good solution to make me see sense."

We each had our own directions in life and you taught me a great deal. Sometimes consciously, often unconsciously and unspoken.

I chose a song by Bob Dylan, an American who was born about three years ahead of you. He writes about religion here and the different ways of dealing with it. You never forced your approach on me and that taught me a lot about respect and trust.

Ring them bells, ye heathen
From the city that dreams
Ring them bells from the sanctuaries
’Cross the valleys and streams
For they’re deep and they’re wide
And the world’s on its side
And time is running backwards
And so is the bride

Ring them bells St. Peter
Where the four winds blow
Ring them bells with an iron hand
So the people will know
Oh it’s rush hour now
On the wheel and the plow
And the sun is going down
Upon the sacred cow

Ring them bells Sweet Martha
For the poor man’s son
Ring them bells so the world will know
That God is one
Oh the shepherd is asleep
Where the willows weep
And the mountains are filled
With lost sheep

Ring them bells for the blind and the deaf
Ring them bells for all of us who are left
Ring them bells for the chosen few
Who will judge the many when the game is through
Ring them bells, for the time that flies
For the child that cries
When innocence dies

Ring them bells St. Catherine
From the top of the room
Ring them from the fortress
For the roses that bloom
Oh the lines are long
And the fighting is strong
And they’re breaking down the distance
Between right and wrong



Daniel read a self-written poem for Geert about the work he did for God and the people and about his welcome in heaven. (When Daniel had arrived in the hall before the service, he had noticed a white fire, blooming above the coffin like a pure white lotus.)



Dear people,

"No longer being of this world and not yet belonging to Heaven... not easy."
those were the words of a message Geert transmitted for me - 20 years ago - when I came to him for the first time on a consultation.

I was running a small health food shop in Bruges and that's how I got to know Lydia and Geert and I learnt that every now and then people went to Geert for a consultation. I had no clue whatsoever about what he did nor what I could expect, but I asked for an appointment.
Because I knew for sure that it was good and important what he did, and nothing ever proved me wrong about this feeling, this knowing, this trust.

When I arrived at that first consultation, a small handwritten piece of paper the size of half a page lay waiting for me with among other things those words on it. Geert didn't know me and he was so careful and modest and at the same time surprized about the words and their effect. That was so typical of you, Geert, in that whole life period of carrying out your mission:
- Is it correct?
- Is is being understood?
Geert, you never judged the person in front of you, only an unconditional surrender and love to do what the Divine apparently had in store for you.
Even though you struggled with doubts and insecurity for years because you realized the great responsibility of your task.

"Geert, you never judged the person in front of you, only an unconditional surrender and love to do what the Divine apparently had in store for you."

After that first consultation I was so overthrown and at the same time in ecstasy, that I left without a word and in great haste - but on cloud nine!
My life was never the same again, I was allowed the experience that there really was a Divine world and that I was being 'seen'! God is réally busy with our lives - because you yourself lived this life and because you were so full of surrender, this consciousness had an effect on others.
This story - in a variety of ways and colors - was experienced by hundreds, thousands of people in Belgium, the Netherlands and far beyond.

Presumably many people will, as will I, rake out their 'personal messages' again as they were called, manuals for life as it were, and consolidate them again!
And fortunately there are the many spiritual teachings, wisdom perpetuated in the pearls of books and cds, both published and yet to be published.
The words you spoke remain and with them, your life's work and your unconditional service to God and to humanity.

In your daily life you gave evidence of a great, infinite love for your family and beyond that you also radiated a fatherly energy towards all the people you knew.
Even my mother said on the occasion of your passing away, that you were much more of a father figure to me than my own late father, and this by no means takes away the value of my own beloved father. By the way, the night after drawing up this text, I was allowed to see my father in my dream as a radiant, happy man.

But twice I was furiously angry, not at you personally of course.
1° Many years ago when you gave me a message I couldn't and wouldn't accept. But that shock brought about the necessary changes.
2° and this was the biggest shock, like for all of you too of course:
when it became clear that you would leave this life!
I cried the stars out of the Heaves for hours and I was so angry with God!
Forgive me God for not understanding but thank you God for letting me be a witness of these last few weeks, how full of love, surrender, gratitude our beloved Geert gradually said goodbye and then let go fo the Earthly life.
In the fullest confidence that God will continue to care for his loved ones.

Geert, your life and how it ended were a testimony of the mission you presented.
Dear Geert:
"You are no longer of this world but you belong to Heaven!"

Thank you for the grace of knowing you and your lovely family!
And then I would still like to quote a few words by Master Morya from the 40th course in 2010:

" ... if someone leaves your life, say, he or she dies:
be happy that you knew that man, that woman, and give them a place in your Heart and know - that person never réally leaves me
because the love binds us - and it is honest and it is beautiful.
You don't need to be sentimental about it,
it is good what happens
God gives
God takes
but both are important and within yourself you know that
Your true being
Your true knowing is outside of time."
Master Morya

Nobody could foresee that 2 years later these words would help us bear your passing away!



"Arjuna! He is a messenger of God."

I take you to a warm evening in India, July 2000, in the temple of the Premananda Ashram. Swami had gathered the Premananda Youth for a satsang. At the very last moment I asked Geert to be present. He like that very much. He liked to be around young people, and around Swami of course. Geert quietly took a seat in the back. He was always like that: quiet, almost inconspicuous, never prominent, never loud. But every thing he did, was a conscious action.

During that lively satsang by Swami it suddenly started thundering and raining heavily. Swami shouted very loudly: "Arjuna, he is a messenger of God." He shot a fiery divine look above the heads of the young people to Geert at the back of the temple.

I bring you back now to a cold winter evening, 21st December 1993 in 'de Waterman', a spiritual centre in St-Denijs-Westrem, Belgium. By Divine coincidence I had found a leaflet about an evening of telepathy with Master Morya, by Geert Crevits. I was still a new boy at the time, very much searching and insecure. About 30 people were sitting in Martine's room. You were sitting in the front, Geert. Grey, wise, funny and simple. It was my first encounter with you. Maybe it sounds weird, but to me you instantly were a father figure. I felt at home with you.

"Grey, wise, funny and simple. It was my first encounter with you. Maybe it sounds weird, but to me you instantly were a father figure. I felt at home with you."

That night you told in all simplicity about the Masters, not the schoolmasters as you always said, but about Master Jesus, Master Morya, Swami Premananda and God, ... your lively words brought me in all kinds of spheres. Worlds opened up to me. In the course of just one evening you opened my long closed heart. You showed me that night that God exists, and more than that, you showed me and everyone that God lives in your heart. Meeting you was the start of a quest for myself, inside, for the Masters, for the Guru, for God. Not only for me, but for so many people. Like no other you know how to kindle the spiritual fire.

That night I received my first message from Master Morya. These days we have all become used to that, but I remember wondering: how can a person I don't know, know about my innermost feelings? That first messages was like an arrow to my heart.

That night you told me - and perhaps you ended up regretting it sometimes - if you have questions, you can always call me. I certainly did have questions! Questions, questions, questions.. and with your enormous patience you answered all of them. One after the other. Morya's messages, the contact with Swami, they saved me. I can really say so here. But I'm sure I'm not the only one.

"In the course of just one evening you opened my long closed heart. You showed me that night that God exists, and more than that, you showed me and everyone that God lives in your heart."

"The Word in the Silence", the fifth Morya course, was the first one I took part in. The first of many. Three afternoons of the highest spirituality ... and again a new book. We were all so very lucky.

Geert, not only for me, but for so many people, you were like a father. But you are also my friend. A true friend I would go through fire and water for.

I was so lucky as to spend a lot of time with you. Our trips to the Netherlands, the marathon telepathy evenings with our northern neighbours. Geert, do you remember our very first evening in the Netherlands, in Eindhoven at Coco's. 70 people were sitting in the hall, and you gave all of them a message, with a smile. We closed the hall at 3am. Luckily that evening was an exception, because later on we limited the numbers of people present.

Your infinite service to people was what struck me the most in that period. Thousands of people, thousands of questions, thousands of messages, thousands of times your story ... you told your life's story again and again, always with the same spark. Your words touched people deep in their hearts. Geert, you truly showed thousands of people the way to God. You showed that life is in fact a great voyage of discovery.

"Your words touched people deep in their hearts. Geert, you truly showed thousands of people the way to God."

Your humour was witty. No-one made me laugh like you. I remember one night in Ooike, you told one joke after another without stopping. I drove home with my belly aching. Who doesn't remember the small theatre performance during the conference in the Ashram. You came on stage, without words, but your gestures and sounds made everyone laugh. You didn't like to be in the front, but when you were there, no-one could miss it. Even in the hospital you kept pleasing everyone with witty remarks and a sense of humour.

Your life wasn't always easy. It wasn't always roses. There is no need for me to elaborate on that. But on the other hand your life was very full and abundant, a life full of grace, a life carried by Christ and by God.

Every now and then you told me how as a youngster you longed to be like Saint Joseph, so you would be close to Jesus. You truly lived as Joseph, a quiet, industrious man who lived in the shadows of the Master. Someone bringing fullness into his own house, making his dwelling so beautiful that there is a place for the Divine. An example to everyone.

Geert, I am sincerely very grateful and happy that I know you, that you have been present in my life. You have a very big place in my heart and in the heart of many.

I will always honour you by giving the best of me, by being brave, by being a good husband and a good father, by living with your words and your messages, by being there for Lydia and your children when they ask me, by supporting the mission of Master Morya.

Arjuna, messenger of God, you have brought His message, in complete surrender as no-one else could. Everything is in the books, on mp3, on the hard drive, on cds ... everything is written in our hearts. Nothing will be lost. It's an enormous work that will sever many generations in all the languages of the worlds. Lydia and Marie will make sure of that.

Dear Geert - all the best - there where the Masters are. There where you are completely at home, in the Light of God.

Forever your friend



I would like to say something today, now we are saying goodbye to Geert.

In fact I know Geert and Lydia and the children for over 20 years. They used to have a health food shop in De Pinte. I regularly went there for shopping but also to talk about my worries and problems. I didn't know a lot, I still don't, but I knew one thing for sure: that was a good place to go. And no-one could convince me otherwise. I attende my first meditation course there. I also got to know about Sai Baba, Mother Amma, Mother Meera, Sri Aurobindo, Sweet Mother, and especially Swami Premananda.

Geert came out with his telepathy around 1993. I quickly checked, my first message from Master Morya was on 7th September 1993. That's just about 19 years ago. I can check because I wrote out all the messages I ever received. Later on, we typed them out with a typing machine and then with the computer. I have received so many messages that it sometimes makes me embarrassed. But they are an enormous wealth to me. Very often I reread them. I only don't know whether Master Morya is happy with what the amount I draw from them.

Swami Premananda always says: you must show the love, you must express the love. I understand that better now. You can love people a lot. But if we never show or say so, then that person won't know. We are not used to saying: I appreciate you, or I love you, or I have a soft spot for you. We don't dare to, but we should do it more often.
I am very happy and enormously grateful that I have known and still know Geert and the whole family. I have learnt so much from it.



Hello my dearest brother, my soul mate, my help and stay,

I have known you all my life, because you were 3 years older.
When we were little, we were inseparable. We played so much together. Odette, Gilbert and Monique were quite a bit older and no longer children. You were very kind, tolerant and always contented! You were the sweetheart of grandma Lucie and aunt Gerarda. Do you remember how Grandma taught us how to knit and crochet?

When we moved, we played circus with the neighbours, you and Briek were the clowns Gaston and Titi. We performed for the whole street and bought candy with our proceeds.

You taught me how to ride the step, ride a bike, play draughts, chess and harmonica. I enjoyed standing on your step. Thank you for this beautiful childhood.

You took me to my first movie.

You were also great with the children of brother and sisters, they liked you a lot! You were also loved as youth leader in the village and on youth summer camps abroad.

Later, when I worked, you came to borrow my new car, which I only shared with you, so you could go to the seaside for a day with your friends.

On Sundays you brought father and mother to our place to play cards. This tradition is still upheld a few times a year amongst the brother and sisters; we will miss you a lot there.

Where are the times you joined our family and friends to Benidorm for the spring holidays; all the children keep good memories of them, you were so good at keeping them amused! You also make beautiful pictures and drawings there. You had so many talents!

"When I was in the hospital, you alone could calm me down, by just sitting next to me. "

When I was in the hospital, you alone could calm me down, by just sitting next to me.

Then there was a period where both of us had growing children, we didn't see each other so often anymore, but when we were together, we laughed and teased like always!

When you moved to Bruges, we saw more of each other. I was also always very welcome with you and Lydia, even though you both had so much work. You were very proud of all your children and the 2 grandchildren, you liked to talk about them!

When my husband Briek died, you supported me. Out of yourself, you always knew when I needed you and you always had an ear for me, nothing was ever too much for you.

I so enjoyed our trips to family ... with Laura to the seaside!

This year we went for a day to the castle of Beervelde to buy flower plants and a cupper spade. You knew so much about flowers and plants, especially about roses which were your favourite flowers. You taught me how to trim roses!

Goodbye my dear brother, thank you for always being there for me, I will miss you very much. Even though I know you are no longer there physically, you will always stay with me!

We meet again, don't know when, don't know where, I hope on a sunny day!