Meditation exercice for groups

Meditation in the Himalayas with the Masters


Working together in a peaceful way

When you look at your personal life within the group, you’ll have an idea of what you think it should be like, but you shouldn’t give this too much attention, because you cannot judge this. You should actually be able to round a corner; come to the point where you are no longer interested in personalities but work together with one another in a more impersonal way.

It’s about learning to contact one another on the soul level

It’s not a matter of exchanging banalities, nor over so many of those things having to do with your personal life... health concerns and illnesses, problems and suffering and sadness and whatever else.... No, this is precisely the tunnel you need to pass through. It’s about learning to contact one another on the soul level and being together in a calm and peaceful way so as to be able to become open for the structures the Angels are laying down, and that the Angels are bringing, and with which you will be confronted in the direction and goal given to the group.

A peaceful, broad love

There should be a great amount of love in your heart, but it must not be a passionate love. No, it should be a peaceful, broad love, since you are in touch with the broad stream. You should keep becoming more yourself and thereby you will learn to experience the joy within yourself and realise it is fundamental.

Don't be in a hurry when come together, for what does three or four hours out of a lifetime signify?

You should be happy to take part in this and happy that you are, so-called, wasting your time with it, for what does three or four hours out of a lifetime signify? So take care not to speculate with time by thinking: ‘I’m in a hurry, I have to obtain results now,’ because then it won’t work. Then you will find yourself on the wrong track.

You really have to be able to disconnect yourself from time and say: ‘Now I’m here, and that is that.’ In this way you open yourself for what is happening at the moment and for the opportunities being presented from the higher worlds.

Then you will be guided and certain things, very exceptional things, will become clear to you; but they can only come over to you in a thaw. The love of the hearts gathered there together slowly melts away the old ice and gradually new structures are laid down upon which you can build for the rest of your life.

Certain exceptional things can only come over to you in a thaw.

So, you should be able to stay in this stillness, in this aloneness, in this abandonment, for a time. This is really like going through a desert experience or going on an expedition to the polar regions, or some similar journey. It signifies you are standing at the summit of a mountain - even though there may not be any mountains at all in the vicinity, still, it is the top of a mountain.

Together somewhere in the Himalayas

Imagine yourself to be somewhere in the Himalayas with a group, and that you are together there in the Light, the Light being woven around the members of the group, and that you are being watched and guided by the Masters.

If you can be together in this way, and live in this way, you will become very peaceful and happy and will be able to accept that inner fire as something special that can always be around you if you so wish.

You will become kinder, more radiant, more open, but you cannot force it. It’s a work to be done in silence, in peace.

When you live within this cocoon of love, of Light, you will still have contacts with the world, but you will see those contacts changing. You will also become kinder, more radiant, more open and, from this cocoon of Light, you will be able to listen to your neighbour and work together with him with more love.

But you cannot, and may not, force anything; it’s not something you can accomplished on the run. It’s a work to be done in silence, in peace.”

Meester Morya

Master Morya

Geert Crevits
Excerpt from the book “Morya Wijsheid 7:
De grote ontdekkingsreis”
(The Great Voyage of Discovery)
from chapter 16: ‘Remain calmly yourself within the group’